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Нам нужно больше шафтоёбства.

И больше Ононоки!
Няшка :з

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Опять за своё

[22:23:03] Himekaidou☆Hatate: Я устал от философии.
Я устал от психологии и месячного обсуждения Надэко.
Я устал от обсуждения визуальных приёмов.
Я устал от японских реалистов начала ХХ века.
Я устал от отсылок, иронии и постмодернизма.
Я просто хочу посмотреть милый слайсовый комедийный тайтл с девочками, которые делают кьют сингс.
И для этого я выбрал слайсоту от Шафта.
От Щимбы.
Мне страшно. Мне кажется, в логику моих поступков прокралась какая-то ошибка.
Но мне пофиг. Я буду смотреть хидамари с сабом от редбулла.

peace peace...

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Хоши не смотрел аниме две недели.

И что Хоши сейчас делает? Конечно же, смотрит Free! и, кажется, досмотрит за сегодня.

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This is a world that has ended.
Nothing is born; nothing dies.
Even time does not exist.
If I were searching for a place to be born, then I realized it should not be here.
There is a person in a world like this.
Could she see me?
I am not born to this world.
The girl who lives alone in a world that ended.
The girl who lives in a vacant, unmoving world.
For some reason, she interests me.

Car c'est notre jeunesse, nos memoirs. C'est notre passé, notre present et notre futur. C'est la chose qui a changée nos vies pour toujours. Les leçons quelles j'en ai appris, resteront à moi éternellement. C'est notre vie, au juste, c'est notre vie et rien ne changera cela.
Je pleure encore et encore. 2 années sont passées et je... non, nous pleurons. Pleurons et souvenons ces jours là... Les jours perdus, les jours passés, les jours que ne retournerons jamais...

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Tari Tari

I've just finished watching Tari Tari.

In spite of some logical cracks in the last episodes it was really some kind of awesome "slice of life as it should be".

I began watching it the day I had come back home from the military. It was a middle of the summer, on one of those lazy days when everyone was trying to hide themselves away from phenomenal heat in fresh lakes' water.

I expected this anime from the beginning, even when I had been preparing for my exams in May...
And now these days have ended... And the feeling I have now is the same as the one I had when I had finished Kaichou wa Maid-sama or Steins;Gate. It is like the part of my life has come to its end letting pass to another one.

Tari Tari is for real an amazing slice of life. It tells us about people whose eyes glitter with a little fire of creativity and art, who can spend all their time and money for purpose to do something that's going to move people's hearts... The story is so heart touching and pure, that I couldn't keep my tears in some moments, although there wasn't any drippy drama moments in the end like in some animes.
A sad parting moment was shown though...

It ended like it was supposed to end, no any irreal miracles or magic, but that kind of miracles, which occur in real life every day. Tari Tari shows us a flowing of life, its circulating, sometimes harsh and sometimes sunny, the thing that is called Dao. When I watched an "afterword" after the ending, I realised that I understand Dao now, though I can't compare it all fully yet.
I saw that Japanese life's volatility concept, that keystone of the Japanese philosophy and way of living, the same as in scattering cherry blossoms' petals moved with a wind.

Though all it is graphomania and sophistry.

So, let's just listen to its music and relax...
And I must not be depressed more and finish all that stuff I have to do.

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