This diary was supposed to be a place where I could write something in different languages, but it's been a long time since I last wrote a post in English here.
Well... I'm not used to writing in the diary in times when everything's ok. So now I don't even know what I could tell.

I finished Penguin Drum. It was excellent. I adore Ikuhara's style. I wish I could watch something else by him, but the only Ikuhara's anime I haven't watched properly yet is Sailormoon. Moreover, it's not his original work, so I'm afraid it's not worth seeing it.
I want more Ikuhara's stuff D:

I'm also preparing to the exam now. I hope I can enter free magister program, but I need to practice more. Since I tend to make pauses when talking, because I often think about how to use a word properly, I might have some problems there. Well, the only thing I need is to fix it and speak more :3

So my life seems to be wonderful now. However, sometimes I get the feeling of nostalgia. I feel like speaking with old friends, chat to them about sweet old times.
One year ago I had just defended my thesis and were going to pass the Noryoku.
Two yers ago I was trying to develop our project, had been making experiments with meditation, listened to korean vocaloids and was about to leave Chelyabinsk for a month of reservist military training.
Three years ago I was a member of Anigeox, full of dreams, and played Minecraft with Dima and Brauny.
I might have described it not detailed enough, but begind these words there are a bunch of emotions overflowing me.

I'd say this track describes my recent mood perfectly. Not with the lyrics, but with the music, I think.

I found it not much time ago, though. That's funny =)

In all I like my life now. And what is more, it is full of dreams, that I must make come true, so that it could be better.
I believe I can do it.
I can enter this new world of opportunities.
So be it :3

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